We are proud of our consistent practice of introducing new and unique solutions to all relevant target markets. We have influenced the Pakistan’s Agro-Chemicals market by changing the trend of me-too brands. Our objective “All crops -All Pests” has helped us build a complete range of unique solutions for the farmers. We have a diverse portfolio that addresses both general and niche market segments. We have and will continue capitalizing on our strength by providing advance solutions in coming times too.


At Evyol, we are determined to help our farmers to protecting crops against pests and disease so that they could optimize yields and plant health and could manage evolving societal expectations of agriculture.


We understand that Seed is the single most important input in crop production as it carries the genetic potential of the variety and determines the ultimate productivity of other inputs. The main role of other inputs in crop production is to exploit to a maximum the genetic potential of the seed. We comprehend that how seed is and should always be the basic prerequisite of any food security effort being put in.

Hybrid Seeds

Open Polinated


We believe that health and hygiene are tied up together to offer a quality life. Through our tailormade solutions to ensure urban pest management both for household and commercial customers, we advocate peace of mind as our principal pitch. We are proud partner of home care industry as it leads towards protecting human health, their properties and environment.

Termite Proofing

Urban Pest Management


Since the inception of genetic engineering, off-patent industry is on rise and observing a continuous hike. It has opened up new horizons of possibilities upon pesticide industry in Pakistan. Local players contribution in crop protection sector has evolved remarkably that has not only introduced numerous new importers and formulators in the industry but has also created high demand of agrochemicals within local market at B2B level. At Evyol, we understand the needs of our corporate customers and offer them solutions accordingly.

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