Productivity issue has stood up at the forefront of agriculturist with the introduction of GMBT’S crops. Changing pest/disease scenario has added fuel to the fire and consequently creating demand to establish sustainable agricultural practices. That has been the key motivation behind inception of AgPharma that despite being younger in age has been setting new benchmarks of performance across crop protection industry of the country.

AgPharma Associates Network (AAN)

AgPharma is a member company of Evyol Group, following “better agriculture-our preference” and providing excellent agricultural products and services to the farmers where this incredible intention of service-with-purpose cannot be achieved without the participation of distribution partners to play their part in value chain process. So the AgPharma Associates Network (AAN) was orchestrated


The purpose of “AAN” is to invite people with passion to come and join the winning partnership and provide the farmers with best of the best solution-based products followed by most aggressive field work support.

A Growing Network

To establish a network of business partners which acts as a bridge between AgPharma and farmers and helps to provide the best solutions to farmers. Philosophy behind establishment of “AAN” was to develop a selected network of dealers who will share the development of company and brand. The new products will be introduced in the market through “AAN” and it’s members would be at the priority list to be inducted as franchisees at the time of initiation of franchise system. Transparent policies, friendly business relations, selected business approach and business-with-services are the key values this network operates through.

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